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i art whenever i can and in as many ways as possible – and in a few ways that aren't. i art on the computer and art on the street. i've been arting ever since i could hold a pencil … or a crayon … or a piece of spaghetti … or a garden hose (yes, this happened). i art with pixels and art with paint. i art with rgb and with cmyk and with pms and with [fill in the blank]. i art with paper and metal and cloth. i've arted through johnson, and nixon, and ford. through carter, and reagan, and bush, and clinton – and bush – and obama. and i've been arting professionally since 1990. i art for money. i art for my soul. my favorite media is the world. my tools are whatever i have in front of me. i art hard – really freakin' hard. i arted at grossmont college and they gave me a degree. an a.a. in art with emphasis in photography. i arted at sdsu and they gave me another degree. an a.b. in art with emphasis in graphic design. i've been arting all my life. art got me through school. art gets me through life. art got me in trouble. and art got me out of trouble. art pays the bills. art is my escape. art is my savior. art is my muse. art keeps me grounded when all the world is unravelling. if you need art i can art you within an inch of your life. or a few centimeters. or a few picas. contact me if you are in need of a vigorous arting. i can help. i'm an artist.

hi, i'm ron and i art.

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